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Frigotecnica is a cooperative established in 1986, specialized in the production of flake ice-making machines. Frigotecnica is located in Mazara del Vallo, an important fishing port, where the strong concentration of operators in the fishing industry means a continuous growth in the demand for flake ice-making machines.
Flake ice is considered an essential element for the conservation and distribution of fresh fish, because, melting slowly, it cools and hydrates the product, maintaining its quality unaltered. Already in the early 1990's, Frigotecnica recorded a strong growth, both for the request of national and foreign markets, and because, in addition to the fish sector, other companies, in particular in the dairy, fruit, vegetable and meat processing sectors, began to use flake ice for certain production process.

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In 2004, thanks to the constant growth, Frigotecnica acquired its current plant in the industrial area of Mazara del Vallo, a production area of 3000 square meters, of which 1500 covered.
This was of a strategic importance for the company which, thanks also to the use of new machinery, has been able to realize new models of ice machines, and to improve the existing range, both in terms of products, components and functional aspects. Today, Frigotecnica aims with great interest, to produce their own flake ice makers using alternative energies and / or using non-polluting refrigerants, certified by TUV RINA CE and which have the purpose of reducing the electrical absorption of the machine.

Fields of employment

Main areas of use

Fishing industry

Fishing vessels, fish farming, fish wholesale and retail trade. Frigotecnica installs ad-hoc ice makers which produce ice flakes for storage, packaging and distribution of fish, preserving its freshness from the vessel to the market.

Dairy sector

Frigotecnica ice makers are used for stock management in the dairy sector as milk can be preserved and stored in scales. Milk fast freezing minimises bacterial growth that may damage milk quality.

Fruit and vegetable sector

Ice flakes is mainly used to store fresh fruit. Frigotecnica ice makers make it possible for fruit and vegetable producers to obtain huge amounts of scale ice in little time so as to preserve and transport their produce, whose freshness and hydration is thus kept unaltered.

Food industry and meat processing

Ice flakes substitutes for cold water in dough preparation, such as in breadmaking, meat processing and cold cuts preparation. Ice flakes ensures better mixing of ingredients, without leaving undesired hollow parts (as, for instance, in sausage casing).

Restaurants and pubs

The widespreading use of ice flakes for better display of fish, fruit, meat as well as cocktails and drinks has increased requests of scale ice to be used in restaurants, pubs and discos by retailers and small customers.

Healthcare and other uses

Ice flakes is largely used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and in concrete production as well.


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Ice Flake

Frigotecnica flake ice presents innumerable benefits, thanks to its solid consistency and the average thickness of 3 mm.

Thanks to the physical structure, the flake ice does not compact and does not solidify but adapts itself to the form of what cools down without damaging it

The flakes make it possible to instantly confer to the product the great power of cooling of the ice, whose latent value is available at 100%.

The slow and gradual melting, allows a continuous hydration of the fresh product that in this way does not dry out.

With a temperature of -18 °, the flakes melt less easily than other types of clam.

Flake ice favors the maintenance of temperature and is therefore suitable as a stabilizing element in particular processing processes.

Thanks to its shape, the ice flake is less cumbersome and takes up less space.

Thanks to its freezing temperature (-35 °), any liquid can reach the ice state in flakes in a few seconds, preventing the formation of bacteria or residues.


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